Promotional Services

Calling all brands, producers and creators !! Ask about current promotional services and packages that are currently being offered thru my site. From promotional events, projects and campaigns let me be your go-to-model, brand ambassador and/or representative.

Promotional Media Services

Book me to promote your brands and products at my social media profiles and on my website with one of my customized promotional options.

Projects and Campaigns

Book me for your next media project and have me promote your brand, product, services and any other news you want to share with your target audience. Photographers and Videographers ask how I can help you find brands or shoot with your clients product and promote your work thru my site and social media platforms.
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Promo. Rates

Starter Pack
Social Media Promotion
  • SnapChat Story
  • Instagram Story
  • Twitter Post
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Online Promo
Social Media and Website Promotion options
  • Social media Posts
  • Website blog/Video post
  • Brand Ad. Placement (1 Month)
  • Product Placement (Online Store)
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Biz Promo
Online promotional campaign package
  • Social Media Story/Posts
  • Website blog blog/Video post
  • Brand Ad. Placement (3 Months)
  • Promotional Shoot w/ post production ads
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Team & Sponsors

Learn more about my team and current sponsors.


Multimedia Designer/Creator
Web developer and Graphic designer available for photography, video, grpahix and Web Design projects.

Love Scenes

Novelty Store
Check out the products offered at Love Scenes.

ISM | Talent

Talent Promotions